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Mothers Strike (A True Life Story)
Episode 3
Leave me alone, let me go, leave me !!!" i kept shouting but the grip on me rather got stronger.
We had barely moved a distance before the person holding me removed her grip on me, she also removed the scarf on her and i was surprised to see madam Felicity, my school aunty. She hurried me into a waiting vehicle and she drove off.
" Are you hungry " she asked
"No" i answered. How could i be, i just witnessed the death of the only person that matters to me.
She drove into a popular resturant and bought some food. We got to her house and she carried me on her shoulder inside. I already know the routes of her house, but im not sure why she used the backdoor.
We got inside and she asked what happened from me, i explained as precise as i could. I could see aunty Feli eyes covered with tears.
Aunty Feli's husband Mr Tunji is a banker. He works with a leading bank and he was wealthy. Mr Tunji and his wife had life completely but one thing was missing..... They had no child.
Im dying and i wont bored you with much story.
Days got into weeks and weeks graduated into months. My mentality has already changed and i have started seeing my new family.
As if life hasn't given me enough challenges. I have started thinking that my i now have parents who would give me all i want.
It was just 3 years after my father's death. I was t a top notch in my class, i was either in position 1, 2 or 3. I have never stooped lower. I was in junior secondary school 3 then jss3, when aunty Feli's stomach started protruding. I heard people say he was pregnant, i was happy as i was already expecting a new family member. Just then the bad wind blew again and life took a New turn.
Omo alaje ni ooo, ti o ba ti ja ibale e, o ti di olowo repete niyen ooo " ( That girl is full of luck and favors, she is a spiritual Billionaire and if you could disflower her now, you have collected all that from her and you'll be extremely wealthy ). I was going into the living room to see if aunty Feli was the one who opened the door, but it was Uncle Tunji and a man in white regalia talking, i tiptoed further into the back of the cotton and realized they were actually talking about me. Well, i was still young to realize what they were saying but i do understand that they are up to something bad. 50s style wedding dresses tea length
" see, i will make sure i give you everything you want, your aunty will never beat you again... But whatever i do to you, you must never say anything to your aunty and if you do.... I know where your uncle lives, i will tell him to come take you away from here" That was Uncle Tunji talking to me.
Why is Aunty Feli's husband terrifying me? I was so afraid and i sure he knew it. Uncle took me out with him and bought me an iced cream. I took it but i was still afraid of what he just told me.
We got back home that day and hell got loosen. I had barely ate a half of the iced cream before i started feeling a bit crampy.... I tried moving away from the table but my eyes were heavy and i couldn't move, just then my body hit the ground and everywhere went black.
I woke up and flet a so heavy to move probably because i felt a heavy thing on me. Not just heavy the thing was vibrating me vigorously.
I tried removing the heavy thing shaking me away from me.... The pain was so sharp between my legs and i was about passing out before i felt an immense drip of probably substance or water inside me.... It was indeed pains mixed with pleasure.
Uncle Tunji warned me again to tell no one about what happened anf i did told no one. He also gave me somr pills, which i took with tears.
I was only 12 years and i had just began seeing my flows three months before Mr Tunji broke my hymen. It was not even up to 2months before malaria attacked me ( so i thought ). Aunty Feli bought some antimalaria tablets and i took, but i still remained very ill. Uncle Tunji then told her to take me to the hospital for tests and treatments and She obliged. Just then, uncle changed his mind the second day.
" i am going through the hospital area, maybe i should just drop her then i will pick her when coming" Uncle said. Aunty respects uncle Tunji so much that she never go against him once. She obliged.
I went with uncle that day and i realised he wasnt happy. We got there and they took my blood samples.
It was up to 2hours before the doctor came back to meet uncle and told him i was pregnant. They discussed a little bit further but i wasnt hearing them as they had already left where i was.
The doctor and uncle Tunji came back after some minutes.
"follow me" The doctor ordered and i did. He gave me some pills and put some iron into my vaginal and started pumping it... It was very painful and tears flowed freely from my eyes. He was through after some minutes and i was given some pain reliver. It wasnt long after which i start to see my flows again.
We got back home that day and saw aunty Feli already packed, she was set to go on a vacation. Well, she has to take me along with her.
" Ibukun, i will be back soon i want to see my mother, make sure you don't trouble uncle ooo " Aunty declared and i realised i will be on my own.
Aunty gone, i was also on my flow too. Uncle stat out most time and come home late. He was drunk most times.
One day he came, it was just a week after aunty was gone. I haf finished my flow. Uncle came late and i was asleep. I woke up immediately i heard her footsteps. I was eyes wide opened. I realised the footsteps were coming towards my room, who...TBC