Green Prom Dresses 2020

Birthday R&R madness

Thanks for all your tippy tappy finger messages on stinky dead skin snot and bodily fluid drenched keyboards where bugs and disease await to infect and tummy bug poo thing. Sooooooo nice of you.

Though thinking about it, i know what you do with your mouths so the keyboard is a much more romantic option you filthy disgusting excuses for human beings.


Sorry mum Anne Christine Frost , for all the pain and suffering during child birth and the following 49 years. Dad said you never walked the same again after my birth, huge head, huge brain i think. After the demons and complete let downs you bred previous Green Prom Dresses 2020 Andrew Frost & Debrah Green im fukin amazed you decided to have another. Though i did seem to balance out the patheticness of them before i reached double figures. Joe Frost , well lets leave him out of it, im still deciding whether to let him live or not.

Dad, cheers for buggering off and leaving me and mum to it,

Piss up ropes fuk sticks

I struggle with compliments and being nice, i will name it a disease errrrrr rude shit, i suffer with rude shit. Im going to get it diagnosed and get on pills and you have to accept me and it you turds.

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