Simple Homecoming Dresses 2020


Chapter Three


To say Besa was the laziest person I had ever met all my life was an understatement. She became a bit chubby but she looked ok. Maybe if she did a few house chores she would have maintained her weight. She was always nagging me over petty things but that was what pregnant women did.

Food was served and Besa sat down.

"Babe please pass the salt." I said.

"You have hands Adrian. Get it yourself!" Besa replied as she ate her food.

I said nothing I reply. I walked over to the other side of the table and got the salt. I put the fish into my mouth and it tasted terrible. She even fry it well or she just dipped it into cooking oil and removed it.

"Rose! This is not how I like my fish. Did you even fry this well?" I looked up realising the mistake I had just made.

"Ehhh Adrian! What did you just call me?"
Besa said raising dramatically to her feet.

"Babe am sorry I didn't mean to its just that I don't like how you cooked the fish." I said defensively.

"Who the hell do you think you are Adrian? How the hell can you address me by the name of that God forsaken barren excuse of a woman?" Besa asked in an angry tone.

"Besa I said am sorry. Relax!"

"Adrian you are asking me to relax. Now listen and listen good. Nga ukalande pofye ishina lya mwanakashi ulya nkapuputula ichinwa!( should you ever mention that woman's name in this house I will cut your mouth!)"

"Rose never used such vulgar language towards me." I mumbled.

"Did I just her you say her name again?" Besa asked as she walked away.

"No babe am so sorry." I said as I continued eating the disgusting food.


Finally I was getting married to Samuel. I had won! Samuel belonged to me. I looked at the expensive dress I had imported from the US. This was going to fit my hourglass figure like a glove. I was definitely on cloud nine.

"Ohhh my baby Ngosa! Am so happy, I am going to have two grand weddings this year." My mother said as she put everything in order.

"I know mum. God keeps on blessing us and we are certainly flourishing this year. My mum walked out of the room and my younger sister Bella walked in.

"Ohh your flourishing?" My younger sister Bella asked.

"Yes we are." I replied.

"Ngosa home wreckers and lairs don't flourish. It just looks like they've won for a little season but in actual sense they are losers." She said as she got headsets to watch a movie on her laptop.

I walked to her side of the bed and gave her a nice hot slap. All I can say is that Bella liked Rose more than the rest of us. She was the only one who didn't buy my story. She defended Rose all the time and she had the guts to tell me something like that a week before my wedding.

"Am not a lair. Why are you so jealous of me? You love spreading negativity where ever you go. Infact I don't want you on my wedding line up. The last thing I want are negative vibes on my big day!" I screamed.

"Then fine! After all I don't want to be associated with an adulterous people!" Bella yelled.

"Yes!" I yelled back.

"Why the heck do you want to marry Samuel! He's a good man and you will bring nothing but misery in his life. You have been sleeping with his best friend Bernard." Bella said.

"I have the right to open my legs for whom ever I want to. So what! Bella you are too much of a coward and I know you won't tell anyone!"

"You are right. I've known for years and I haven't told anyone but I won't let you ruin Samuels life!"

"Bella you will not tell anyone a thing." I said raising my hand to slap her.

But Bella held my hand in time.

"Ngosa Chitalu if you know what is best for you, you will make sure that you do not lay your hands on me because I know all your secrets. And if you do anything that will in the slightest chance trigger me to say everything I know, I will be more than willing to sing your song of deceit for the whole world. Don't tempt me!" Bella said in a warning tone.

"Where the hell did you get such guts Bella. You are threatening me of all people!"

"Ngosa am not making a threat but a promise. Where did I get the guts. I learnt from the best Ngosa, I learnt from you!" She said as she put her headsets back on.

My wedding was in a weeks time and no one was going to stop it. Not even God. I needed to get rid of Bella one way or the other.


The past few months had been tiring for me but working again had brought a sense of fulfilment and achievement that I hadn't felt in a very long time. I walked into my office and sat behind my desk. On Friday our company was going to have the annual awards ceremony and I was looking forward to it. I had even made a few new friends along the way. Britney was a widow and had two lovely children who I adored. We would go to the beach together. For the first time in a long time I actually had fun. Simple Homecoming Dresses 2020

As for my love life it was completely on hold for the time being. I wasn't willing to let any man into my life. I was deep in thought when I received a phone call.
It was a Zambian number and I wondered who it was.

"Hello. Hello but the other end of the line was silent."

"Who is this?"

"Hello, its Bella."

"Ohh I almost got scared for a moment there." I said giggling.

"Its just the useless network here I guess." She replied cheerfully.

"How are and how's school?"

"School is fine but I have a problem Rose."

"You know you can tell me anything."

She explained the Ngosa story and honestly I wasn't shocked at all.

"Bella don't get involved in this drama. Ngosa brings trouble wherever she goes. Let her get married. That man will eventually find out what her true colours are."

"You are the only one who makes sense. I really miss you.

" Well then visit me in Durban Bella. I'll send you money Ok."

I heard a voice call her on the other end of the line and Bella cut the line.
I saw a text five minutes later.

"I'll definitely visit and please come for my graduation."

I smiled and got back to work.

Signed: Mwenge Malitino .