Tight Homecoming Dresses 2020

What can I say about Carmen. Wow! I was blown away by the woman of God. Let me share the short version of events. My daughter got married on the 18 November 2018. She had originially had a dress specially made in Bloemfontein for her big day. Unfortunately the dress was not fit to be worn on her wedding day. Cathy Swarts agreed to steam her dress and I promplty took it to her on the Friday morning of 17 November 2017. I had shared Kirsten's fears and disappointment about the dress that she had made. On looking at the dress and the shoddy finishing Cathy agreed with Kirsten that she could go down the aisle in the dress she had made. After having shared Kirsten's nightmare with Carmen she stepped up to the plate and assisted Kirsten with a beautiful dress. When Kirsten walked out of the change room we instantly knew that she had her dress. The most beautiful thing about the blessings that took place on this day was that in the midst of everything Carmen prayed. How beautiful and wonderful that we could stand in a circle and give thanks to God for divine appointments. Cathy and Carmen I do not have the words to describe our gratitude for being obedient servants to God and helping a young bride. I will pay this kindness forward and Kirsten and I will be looking to assist a young matric girl for her matric farewell in 2018. All honour, glory and praise to our Lord Jesus Christ. Tight Homecoming Dresses 2020