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"With all that's happening in the Philippines right now, I couldn't help myself but recall the stories of some of my good friends here in Canada who actually lived a life under the world's most notorious dictators and tyrants. These are real people who actually got the real taste of what really dictatorship, tyranny and fascism are. Their stories are really heart breaking. It could even make you cry when you hear their horrific experiences. And as I ponder about their storie ... s, I came to realize that we, as Filipinos are indeed very lucky to have such a vibrant democracy. We are lucky because we are free to express our thoughts in public and disagreement to the policies of our government without the fear of getting a life sentence. We are lucky because we are free to criticize and even blaspheme any government official without the fear of getting hanged in public. We are lucky because we are free to assemble in any public space at anytime to call out for a duly elected leader to step down without the fear getting massacred by the military or the police. We are lucky because we wake up in the same bed each and everyday without the fear of getting exiled. We are so lucky that we don't get persecuted because of our religious beliefs and sexual orientation. Yes, we are lucky because our democracy is working. And its really working good. Yes, our government is NOT perfect. It has its shortcomings but it is working and we always have the right to call out our leaders in order to correct these shortcomings. And that right is protected by our constitution. We are very lucky because we are not living in a Fascist and Tyrant state! Ucenter Dress country dresses for a wedding in western style

May God bless the Philippines and the Filipino people!"

From Roberto Martin Misterio

I agree to all above points. A friend even went as far as saying "things are getting worse everyday". Tsk Wish you'd find yourself in a real fascist country then tell me if things are really getting worse here.

Dili kaayo magpadala to every anti-government propaganda. There are a lot of people in the government who wishes and pushes for genuine change. Just because there's one bad apple doesn't mean everyone else is as bad. And just because you do not agree with a policy shouldn't be a reason for you to just disagree to everything.

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