Ucenter Dress maid of honor wearings backtracking to 1920

I went to a urgent treatment center over at Harrison Memorial today and got hooked up with some Amoxicillin for my infected broken tooth and what the Nurse Practitioner called "uvulitis". You know that hangy-down thing in the middle of the back of your throat? I always thought that was the tonsils, and that the adenoids were on each side back there, right? Well, that hangy-down thing is the uvula. And mine is very swollen and sore. I don't know if it's connected with the tooth or what. Ucenter Dress maid of honor wearings backtracking to 1920

Then I called a dentist in town to see if I can get the tooth worked on. A simple extraction will cost me OUT OF POCKET $172.50 cash up front! No payment plans. The insurance lady told me my so-called dental insurance only covers 50%, and I have to pay the rest. She told me Blue Cross Blue Shield whatever-it's-called -- I can't remember the name of it, but everyone should know what I'm talking about -- would be a much better insurance.

Well, I was actually TRYING to get a Medigap added onto my Medicare... and the fucking insurance guy has put me in a horrible place where I can't do ANYTHING because of the copays and gaps in coverage. What part of SUPPLEMENT means take away everything GOOD one has and dump a bucket of shit into its place??? I never had to make copays to my doctors before!!! What I WANTED was a Part F or G Medigap added!

I think I will walk in on State Farm Monday and see if I can put my Medicare back the way the SSA had it before, dump the bucket of shit called Humana, and add Medigap F. Something's got to give with this shit! If my tooth is abscessed, it could KILL me, and Humana is just happily taking money from me and fucking me over as hard as it can!