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OkayI think we spent quite a bit of time sharing a difference of opinions. Some African Americans are doing this protest because they feel they are being mishandled. Now wait a minute before any one flies off the handle. Most of their claims involves regular routine stops, right / Now I don't know about anyone else, in my endeavors and even today, when I get pulled over I am in full compliance with what the officer requests of me. And yet after 64 years later, i am still ali ... ve today, and please don't say because I am white, because we know that this is not the case. My son who is also half Spanish and looks all Spanish gets pulled over a lot also, and yet no problems with the police. But remember when they stop and frisk was implemented and executed it was 75 % effective in pulling criminals off the street for everyone;s protection and safety, not just white peoples but every bodies. Just recently some routine car stops lead to an altercation, where the driver doesn't cooperate and in some cases drag the officer with them which occurred here in New York twice this week. To me and only me, if i had a warrant, or a weapon, or drugs, or any other criminal contraband, I would come clean, and live to talk about it, instead of risking my life in the process. Worst case scenario I get arrested, but I am still alive to talk about it. Maybe just maybe if the African Americans adopted this process, we wouldn't all be dealing with this situation now, would we ? Good night everybody, just some food for thought here, and when you are innocent you don't run, you stand up for yourself. May God bless you all. Ucenter Dress royal and nave blue color collections for cocktail

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