Ucenter Dress short and mini items in red

What is up with this new trend of girls who were NEVER in great shape posting pictures of their newly bloated carcass saying "before and after my fitness journey".

It always has a comment in it about how folks said she looked better before when she was bigger, and how this dissuaded them from their fitness directive.

So people said you looked better fat, so you stopped lifting and eating right and got fat again, on purpose?


If I made a post about how people teased my fat ass into being fit there would be hell to pay...

But when a girl who was BARELY in good shape to begin with decides to do exactly what social media tells her to do she gets to PRETEND like she was a fitness model we should congratulate for stopping her goals (that she still hadn't reached) and giving her props for her bullshit story about how this was better for her while ADMITTING it was because people who WON'T put in the effort told her not to too. Ucenter Dress short and mini items in red

This is what happens when we protect the weak and condemn the strong.

This is what happens when we can't call a fat girl fat but we can happily scream from the rooftops that a girl with an ab looks like a man.

This is a disgusting movement and if you're not against it you're part of it.

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