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In the last 15 years, there have been ~375 terrorist attacks by angry white Christian bigots, and roughly 250 deaths (not including today).

"Radical Islamic" terrorist attacks came to less than 50, with fewer than 100 deaths.

Off topic, but in the same vein as death tolls in the U.S., more than 7000 people are killed by guns every year- and, a child dies from accidental gun shot every- other- day: every- week: every- month: all- year.

Let me restate that first part a different way: angry (mostly male) white people who swear they're Christian, who (now) voted for Trump, and who are scared to death that their race is coming to an end soon (it is, relative to recorded history), and that, by God, they are superior to all other colors of skin pigmentation- with the help of a known bigot (Trump- found guilty twice of telling blacks they weren't good enough to live in his condos in NYC in the 70s), are escalating their campaign of hate. Has it reached Nazi level? No, this crowd is not smart enough. UcenterDress wedding collections With Lace Appliques in knee length

Post Nazi Germany, psychologists and researchers studied the question; how could there be so many evil people in the Nazi regime? In any given era, there are ~.01% of the global population who are real sociopaths- which begs the question, how did Nazi Germany even happen. How could so many people be and do such evil things? Especially considering there weren't any more sociopaths as normal.

What they concluded was that the evil acts became the norm. They coined the term "banality of evil." Or, the day-to-day ordinariness of stupidity. It became routine, and over time, seemed more and more normal, and the next thing you know, angry white guys who think they are superior to all other skin colors and religions are killing who they see as inferior.

Regarding the day-to-day stupidity, see one Donald J. Trump. I'm calling it the banality of the cult of Trump.

I refuse to accept it, period, hard stop. He is NOT my president.