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Read the story about Jason Dickey..the young man who killed himself at NHTI last week..and after thinking of some others recently gone,and reading of how well thought of he was by all that knew him ,I thought about the tragedy of someone so young taking their own life..this time might have been because of a fucking girl and a breakup..he had great parents and family and lots of friends..every reason to be happy n prosper...bullying in his life was mentioned as was ... bullied a lot in high school..not friends good enough to back me took the abuse..I would have been stomped by multiple huge guys that were more adults than kids..never actually had a girlfriend in high actually really sucked..tried to end it in '82..only 53, did I have the wherewithal to assert my Self as being the most important to me..I always feel bad when others are hurting..but..most of those are hurting because they made bad choices..and/or fucked up...I ve fucked up a lot in my life..those things related to me were my fuckups...and I owned them and never made anybody else bail me out without being paid back in spades black colored items to wear that looks sexy
.so..this kid..made a permanent solution to a temporary his mind his problem wasn't s such a tragedy...hopefully he s in a place where his struggles are at rest and his mind is at peace..I tho feel his pain...and I empathize...RIP....Jason Dickey....

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