boho items to wear of the wedding

Dear FBI I'm so sick and tired of Darpa TERRORISM I can't sleep without a dream being inserted into a cavity that's been worked in my brain , I fell asleep and there scenarios to to scare you and they try to hold you in your dream until your intruder stands before you There's a cult out there and my brain has been worked for this purpose Mr.trump I'm not afraid of you or your friends I mean this and I'm stating this to the world. If you support a man like this you support a man and Darpa , same entity basically and they prey on are children and our brains and my dreams anyways to keep you under .., and time you from dream to where you lay in your home , dear WHITEHOUSE this is so unsafe , so unethical so disrespectful of my own human mind and body something needs to happen ....and when you have to pew but you can't little circle cut outs of energy to steal semen to plant as evidence and work you're urethra with a delivery of aids or a bacteria this is happening and I'm looking to see if my municipal government cares about there people because I do guys , Stephen names Padias Toronto Canada this type of study shouldn't be happening by the way Darpa was RITE there to respond ....I will be in touch Darpa and I'm telling the WHITEHOUSE ..!!!! Circular cutouts at bottom of urethra holding your pre blocking ... they call it and STEALING semen to plant and insert the circular energy in a vagina !!!!!!!-please Mrs Clinton I'm begging you could you please warn the world ...Thank you ma'am Stephen Toronto Canada , the vagina melts the circular energy please ask God .... boho items to wear of the wedding