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On Sunday, 7 May 2017, his Words about forgiveness and discernment came. May you be blessed and refreshed by His Holy Spirit in your Inner Man IJN!

An old man, Lagun Adesanya, made my day on Friday. A friend had invited me for a business meeting with the Celestial Church of Christ leader. In the course of our discussion, it was my favourite theme of forgiveness Adesanya ventured into. Of course, it had no bearing with our visit to him, as he intoned, "Once you do not forgive those who offend you, God will not forgive you too."

What happened to Ahitophel when he refused to forgive the murderer of his granddaughter's husband, King David, has always been a guiding light for me. Bathsheba was a pretty young woman, who just got married. In Israel, the Book of Leviticus had laid down a law that newly married men should not go to war, for at least one year immediately after marriage.

But Uriah, who married Bathsheba was a very zealous soldier of God. He could not countenance staying back home when persons of his age grade were fighting for the Lord. He had zeal without knowledge. And he paid with his life, as David arranged his death to cover up the wife's adultery, and subsequently married the woman.

Son of man is not a Pastor. But looking at the situation from the angle of today's Nigeria, Uriah would have been a very good and loyal soldier. He would have been living in the King's neighborhood for David to have noticed the pretty woman. Marrying the same lady later would have also been applauded by many Israelis, who might have naively believed the King did the slain warrior a favour by marrying his wife.

It was a compensation without equal, as the widow cannot suffer again. If newspapers had been around, there would have been editorials and letters to the editor to lavish praises on the King for his wise decision to compensate a fallen soldier!

But the All-seeing God, who Muslims call Al Basiran revealed the real happenings to His anointed ones, including Ahitophel, who was directly affected. Ahitophel was a blessed man. The gift of the Holy Spirit in him was almost like that of Solomon. It made him the most sought after in the King's court, where he held the lofty position of Counsellor.

Ahitophel should have summoned the courage to confront David, even at the risk of being killed. He did not. He kept an undue anger to himself. And began plotting revenge. An opportunity soon presented itself through Absalom, who wanted to succeed his father as King even before David could join his ancestors. Nobody could advice David against the plot except Ahitophel, who had joined Absalom in his rebellion. And the King knew he was in for it, given the gift of the Holy Spirit in Ahitophel.

David did not appeal to Ahitophel. He did not openly confess the sin for which God was using Absalom to punish him. The King never gave a thought to restitution by sending the woman away. Instead, as usual with David, he went to God privately in a prayer of forgiveness giving the world the words of Psalm 51.

Fulfilled and refreshed after knowing he has been forgiven, David implored God to dissuade those being advised by Ahitophel from taking his counsel. Because he knew he could not ask that Ahitophel's gift be taken from him in accordance with the Word of God. God gives and never takes away. Ahitophel's strategic advice was not adhered to by Absalom. For the first time, his advice was seen as foolishness. And because his heart was calloused with unforgivessness, Ahitophel naively believed he had become another Ichabod - that the Glory had departed from him. He took his life! And David was saved.

Are you nursing an old anger this Sunday? Forgive whoever it is that has wronged you and leave vengeance to God. Are you feeling let down by God, Who had answered you severally in the past? Nah! He remains on His Throne. He does not sleep. He does not slumber. Our Arugbo Ojo does not forget. Only that His ways are not our ways. Be steadfast. He will answer.

Oh, you feel His Holy Spirit has left you? No way! Once He has blessed you with His gift, He will NEVER take it back. Just examine yourself to see where you have missed it. You might have mixed fleshly desires with what He ordained. Review. Take stock. Look back, and see where you have missed it. Everything is not spiritual at times. Look at the context. He will never leave you, nor forsake you.

Are you doing things 'for God', which in reality are no more than showmanship for you to be commended by men? Yes, such things might look Godly. You might feel God is being served that way. Not really, my brother/sister. You could be doing things the flesh wants in its way, instead of God's Perfect Will in His narrow ways.

Arise this morning and leave your walking stick of sorrow and regrets. If you have felt joy with Him before, there is no way sadness can envelope you. Whatever might have happened could not have been so without His approval. Uriah was zealous for the Lord without knowledge. A remembrance of the instruction in Leviticus would have saved his marriage, and his life. Be angry, but do not sin, was clearly forgotten by Ahitophel. He paid with his life. A villain, who should have been dethroned and killed not only remained King, he is still being revered today as a King with almost no equal, because he was not religious. David was spiritual despite his many failings. He understood spiritual principles. chiffon fabric dresses for cocktail party

May His Spirit of discernment guide us all in our endeavours in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour, this week and beyond!!!