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September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month. The following is a post I wrote in September 2013 about Jess' leukaemia diagnosis and I tend to share it now and again to raise awareness of the symptoms.

Parent's please read it. Nobody wants to think that their child could get cancer, but recognising the symptoms is important for early diagnosis and treatment.

'I'm going to answer a question I get asked a lot. How did we know Jess had leukaemia? We didn't, but with the benefit ... s of hind site I can now see the signs.

Jess had always been a healthy little girl. She had had a chest infection as a baby and a bought of tonsillitis at 18 months, but other than that, very little illness.

When a person has leukaemia their bone marrow starts to produce immature white cells that are no good for fighting infection and crowd the blood. At Xmas Jess got an ear infection which seemed to clear with antibiotics; however, ten days later it returned and needed another set of antibiotics. A couple of weeks later Jess got tonsillitis and was once again given antibiotics. It didn't clear and was given yet another set of antibiotics. I now know that antibiotics can only do so much to fight an infection and that you really need your own white cells to do some of the work, Jess didn't have healthy white blood cells to do that. The last week or two Jess was lethargic, cried a lot and had gone off her food, all things that I naturally put down to her having tonsillitis. It was only when she started to bruise easily that we realised that this may not be just tonsillitis. Jess started to bruise when we held her hand and had bruises where her shoe strap had been on her foot. Her blood was so full of these useless white cells, it had no room for platelets and so could not clot anymore. She would only have had these leukaemia cells 4 -6 weeks before she was diagnosed. It is difficult to spot as all the symptoms are also generally symptoms of basic infections as well. cocktail items to wear of the women for party

Your average GP will only see a case of childhood leukaemia once if ever in their working life and so don't always catch it quickly enough. Please be aware that if normal infections aren't responding to antibiotics it could be something more and it is worth asking questions.'

Hope that made sense.

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