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Bloated ka ba tyan?
Pwede pa yang maiwasan...

ACID REFLUX/GERD is curable BUT it can be triggered when we are too much stress and when we had full bad bacteria inside our intestine. Follow the healthy lifestyle for fast recovery. Make your everyday positive because stress and anger can produce acid inside, it is important to always be happy and take good food. cocktail party selections in coral

Symptoms of Gerd or Acid Reflux:
Dry cough
Shortness of Breath
Excessive burping and farting
Weakness of bones
Chest pain
Troubled sleeping
Ear pain due to colds

Weak immune system
Allergies (asthma, cough, rhinitis, skin allergies)
Loss weight

Vitamins deficiency:

Food remedies:
Food that is rich in alkaline such as:
Green vegetables
Non acidic fruits
Alkaline water
Probiotic drinks/capsules
Non acidic vitamins
Soy food

Food should be avoided:
Coffee, wine
Food that is hard to digest
Red meats
Starchy fruits and vegetables
Food that contains unhealthy carbohydrates-cake, bread soft drinks etc
Sour fruits
Oily foods

What to do:
Make sure to chew the food carefully
Take a little bites or small portion of food
Do not lay down after eating
Have layered pillow when sleeping so that the acid won't go up to throat
Lay down in left position when you sleep so that the acid would be balance inside
Learn to control the mind whenever you feel the anxiety, train yourself to cope with the situation
Accept this sickness and help the body to recover
Drink alkaline water before meal/avoid drinking while eating/ drink water 30mins after meal
Avoid sleeping late and avoid too much work
Always take a meal on time
Avoid eating too much that will cause bloatedness and reflux
Be positive and have a strong will
Avoid alcohols and smokes.

May alam din po kaming mabisang paraan para mas makatulong labanan ang GERD or ACID reflux sa katawan.

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