code for semi formal items

So since I have 4 hours here in Dallas, I'm going to reflect on this Conclave I just attended in NOLA for Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity ... Ill just to start the trip was not so hot with my flight being canceled 36 hours before and then having to find a new flight out of Cleveland in which it was not until I got through security I realized all I had packed for shoes were Nike slides and dress shoes, that went well for Bourbon Street lol... But getting into Conclave. The connections I met were amazing, the people from different chapters to welcoming along with all their professional staff and the Grand Council. Getting to see the largest TKE ritual was awe inspiring. Getting to attend the TKE institute events to bring some amazing ideas back to the chapter is an amazing thing. Getting the phone #'s of many of those at TKE Headquarters to call them personally if we have problems or run into trouble shows how much they care. The fun, passion, and hospitality shown to us TKE's was second to none. And then getting to go from being completely formal with these men, to be able to go and then have fun in the hotel and down on Bourbon Street shows how this is not a joke to them. They take care of the business first and have fun second. The way it needs to be done. This will be one for the record books and the memory banks and I cannot wait to get back to home sweet home on the hill of Culver and have the best year TKE has had there in a long, long time. code for semi formal items # anditsgone