country prom dresses

How can u enjoy ur wedding
night wen u've had series of
pre wedding nights?
She's not properly dressed,no
hijab,no scarf,instead of u to preach 2her, u r shouting
"wow, u look sexy" brother u r
part of the problem
If u have to dress half naked
before u can get people's
attention,then u have nothing to offer besides sex,you are not
a wife material
Rasulullah (saw) said "if u
know what I know,you'll laugh
less and cry more"does that
ring a bell on our head?do we hv to see b4 we believe?
I want 2hv money,I want
2marry a beautiful wife, I want
2buy a nice car, I want 2build a
big house,is that all we think about? We will all die & leave country prom dresses
all these.
U think regret is wen u didn't
marry d man u wanted, or
didn't study d course u liked?
NO! Regret is u reaching the grave without enough good
Rich, poor, pretty, ugly, slim,
fat, literate, illiterate, white,
black, ustaz, player, King, slave,
PDP, APC, DEATH does nt care who u r, when its tym, u r
Some1 is dead & ur
alive,some1 is sick & u r
healthy, some1 is lost & u r
guided, why then r u sad coz some1 is rich & u r poor?why r
u ungrateful?
O boy see Benz,Chai see
house,damn see dat babe" Bros
d world is just a play &
illusion,its beauty doesn't last, don't b carried away, seek
On Qiyamah, people will b
naked, but d fear of judgement
will not allow u look, have dat
fear now and stop asking, uploading or downloading
nude pics
They are clean, fresh, virgins,
sinless, spotless, kurji less, no
pasau, no kwarkwata...yet we
choose to go near Zina than 2 wait 4 hurul ein . Repent!!
Haba! Qiyamah still far,
because Dajjal never come,
Mahdi never show up, Jesus
too, even gog and magog. I go
Repent b4 den. Abi??? Bro if u die tonight ur judgement has
started. Repent!
Wrong use of Social network
will take many to hell if u don't
Rasulullah (SAW), said a man is in hell because of a piece of
cloth dat doesn't belong 2 him,
what about that $20 billion and
public funds? Repent!
She wasn't ur wife, u had sex
with her, she became pregnant, u made her abort.
Illegal relationship + Zina +
murder, only u? Better Repent
b4 it's late..
"Body no be firewood "
Seriously? Is that y u commit zina? U no know say na de
same body dem go carry do
firewood 4 hell? Don't allow
yours to be among. Repent.
Did I get maths & English?
What's ur jamb score? U graduate with 1st class? Haba!
Are does d only things u care
about? He memorised Qur'an.
Do u?
It's not like Dunya where u
have sex 10 mins and get tired, in Jannah d pleasure of orgasm
remain with u for 70yrs, forget
Zina and go 2 Jannah.
Any 1 who ain't ur husband and
wanna have sex with u, walai!
he's ur enemy, his love is fake, no true love will want u 2 go 2
hell and miss Jannah.
Maazaa! Guy how far! Chairmo!
What's up Bro! How far na!
What's all these? Are these the
Islamic way of greetings? What's wrong with Assalamu
alaikum? Repent.
Some men disrespecting their
wives in front of their friends,
Whats dat? What r u trying 2
prove? That you're in control? Sannu remote control. Repent.
Drive your mom go market, u
go dey vex, but u Sabi do ajayi
driver 4 girl 4rm morning till
night. Better Repent.
You never shed tears even once while reciting Holy Qur'an but
KALHO NA HO dey make u cry,
Hmmm check your Iman!
Eye liner, eye shadow, mascara,
lip stick, concealer, powder,
blusher. if u like do plastic surgery, if your heart is bad,
you're deadly ugly. Ki natsu!
You'll finish ur runs wen it's
time 2 marry you'll start
looking 4 holy girl, Bros good
women are 4 good men, if u carry holy girl, wetin holy man
go marry??? Repent.
Allah can change u 4rom
Ajebota to Ajepako, it's all test
of life, don't let your Ajebota
life make u forget Allah, always remember Him & thank
If u'r not ready u can postpone
ur wedding date, graduation
date, election date, but u can
never postpone your death date, always be ready
U feel depressed, instead of u 2
recite Qur'an or pray 2 rak'as, u
carry earpiece dey listing 2 Lil
Wayne, he needs help too, seek
Allah alone. Repent! If you don't respect your
parents, your life go bend, and
you might end up in hell.
We are just striving & hoping
for this world, we don't know our fate, yet we sleep all night.
Rasulullah (SAW) was promised
Jannah yet he stood at night 4
salah till his feet got swollen.
I have meeting! I have
meeting!! Is that why u rush your salah