custom made selections for formal party

ALKALINE YOUR WATER.......Did you know the purpose of baking soda besides, baking, keeping refrigerator fresh or of course, cooking up that dope, mixing it with a zip of coke and putting it on the stove showing off ya whip game with the wrist then slapping cold water on it to make it rock up.......OH DAMN, I got side tracked, had a flashback just then. Anyway the topic was ALKALINE WATER. Why go and buy alkaline water when you can have alkaline water everyday with a tablespoon of baking soda in a gallon of water. The pH Balance must be 7 and above to get the proper pH.....and DON'T put lemons in it either because the lemon is acidic. Only baking soda. Also it counters acid reflux. Eating acidic foods alot....drink Alkaline water. BENEFITS OF BAKING SODA for the human body. If you already have high blood pressure then you can't do this you have to consult with your doctor. Other than that it's amazing stuff we never knew. custom made selections for formal party