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Good Morning friends.. yesterday I was busy so I could not post my today I'm posting..
Last week I told you that everybody must drink hot water from the copper vessel..After this everybody must concentrate on fitness..Try to spend at least one and a half to two hours..Cricket,tennis and other international players spend 6-8 hrs for fitness..Why are you spending just 2 hours for our game..So friends, fitness is most important..

Here,below I'm posting my Surya Nama ... skarams (yoga) vedio..Watch it carefully..It helps in improving body's flexibility,helps in reducing weight and helps in giving perfect and rapid movements..

I am also posting here another vedio that is Vasishta Maharishi teaching Surya Namaskarams to Lord Rama ,Bharatha,Laskmana and Satrugnya..

Watch both the vedios..What Vasishta Maharishi is teaching primary method of Surya Namaskarams..What I'm doing is a bit of higher level..

So friends,I do this regularly 12 times.. It is not easy and we have to do it lot of concentration.. You start by doing 3 times per day..And day by day you should increase..After few days you can do it easily..

You should do yoga strictly under the supervision of a yoga guru...Because you need proper guidance for some positions and breathing movements..So friends,do not do it without any proper guidance..Another important note is the people who have knee pain do not try the method of Surya namaskarams which is in my vedio...but you can try the primary method and also do cycling and swimming.. designer collections for wedding in short

Our sunrise time is at 6: 00 am..Right from 6:00 am to 7:00 am we must do Surya namaskarams in front of the rising sun..Because only during this time sun will produce vitamin D which very good for our body..

After you complete doing yoga..Take 10 mins rest and drink the remaining 1 litre of water from the copper vessel..Then,juat do 20 minute es of jogging or 45 minutes of walking..This will help you in burning few 100 calories..

So friends, do yoga and jogging or walking..This will help in maintaining good health ,physique and stamina..It is useful for you to become a National champion..

Next week, I will tell you regarding the diet plan..That's all for this week.. Hope you all will like and follow my advice..All the Best and Good Luck...

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