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Esi finally gathered courage and walked out of
the room to talk to me.
Meshac, please let's go inside. She pleaded
I stared at her from head to toe without
knowing what to say.
Meshac please I'm talking to you. She stated
Esi, so you still have the guts to talk to me
after the pains you've just caused me right?
I thought you are a strong woman, not
knowing you are a cheap horny bitch! I
insulted angrily.
What! Meshac! Instead of apologising to me,
you are rather insulting me. She surprisingly
What did you just say? Apologize to you? For
Was I the one who asked you to sleep with Mr
Asum? Was I? I angrily responded.
Meshac, had it not been you, mr Asum
wouldn't have had the guts to make that
stupid request from me!
If you truly were not happy about it, why
didn't you stop me? You kept mute all these
while, and you are insulting me afterwards,
instead of being grateful to me for not
allowing you to go to jail. Esi yelled on top of
her voice.
Just then, her siblings returned from the farm.
What is happening here Esi? Why are you
fuming in anger? Aba inquired unhappily.
Aba, your sister has done the abominable.
Can you imagine she just slept with Mr Asum
right under my nose? I rhetorically asked.
Esi slept with Mr Asum? That is unusual of
my sister.
What exactly triggered that? Aba asked almost
in anger whiles Esi broke down in tears.
Mr Asum came here with a police man to
arrest me. Esi pleaded all she can, but Mr
Asum agreed to forgive me under one
condition. And that is, to sleep with her,
which, she did without considering my
feelings. I narrated.
Meshac, you are such an ungrateful human
being. So, because of a stupid person like you,
my sister sold her dignity. And instead of
showing more appreciation, you are here
humiliating her before us.
Do you know pain? If you knew what pain is
about, you wouldn't have slept with
somebody's wife and daughter.
After breaking their beautiful home, you have
just used my sister to save your wicked self
from going to prison.
My sister is too good! If it were me Aba, I
would have asked him to penetrate your anus
before sending you to jail. Useless man!
If you know what is good for you, apologize to
her before I throw you out of this house! Aba
angrily insulted and threatened.
Esi walked back into the room in tears and
I bowed down my head in pain and shame.
Even if I offended Mr Asum, Esi shouldn't
have slept with him. She should have found a
way of deceiving him instead.
Anyway, I have no option than to apologise.
Currently, I am homeless, sick, and jobless. I
still need Esi to support me. I thought sadly
and followed her into the room.
Esi, please I'm sorry, find it in your heart to
forgive me. I pleaded.
Meshac, anything I do, I do it for you. You and
I know I am too descent to cheat on you, I
only did this to save your life.
You shouldn't have told my siblings about it.
They will be mad at me forever. Esi responded
I am so sorry Esi, I didn't know the
implications of telling them. I only told them
out of pain. I pleaded.
Esi forgave me and still cared for me as she
used to.
I still held the pain of she sleeping with Mr
Asum in my heart. I just couldn't let it go.
Anytime I closed my eyes, I pictured the
scene. Yet, I had to try as much as possible to
forge ahead in life.
Days passed, and Esi sold part of the land.
Meshac, this is an amount of 15000 cedis.
Take it, and go to the city to rent the room as
we planned.
I will send you more, when you gain admission
into the university. She stated and handed me
the money.
Thanks so much for your support and
kindness. You are indeed, a woman like no
other. I stated in a mixed feeling.
I took the money and waited till the next
morning to embark on a journey to the city.
Meshac, my sister has told me all the plans
she has for you.
She has sold part of our family land, and is
willing to sell more just to support you. Even
though I am not happy about it, she is the
eldest, and there is little I can do to stop her. evening party gowns look elegant
I learnt the city is full of girls who have
painted their faces with crayons. As you are
going, be careful of them, and don't ever try to
outsmart my sister with any of them, because
if you do, I will put God aside, and deal with
you through the gods of our land. Aba
My heart quickly skipped a beat! This Aba girl
is something else. I thought.
Aba, thanks a lot for the advice. I also know
how it feels like to feel what you are feeling. I
promise never to turn my back on your sister.
I responded.
Early the next morning, I bathed, dressed up,
sneaked into a van with the escort of Esi and
her siblings. off, the van took off to the city.
To be continued...
Written by Lincy Gyamfi