evening party wears online

Rapper to drop diss track in favour of # hushpuppy read the lyrics here # beef # guccisnakes Rapper ( Xtacy Infinity ) to drop diss track in favour of #hushpuppy read the lyrics here #beef # gucci

Chorus :

Addicted to em Gucci like hushpuppy and Gu cci 2x
Yea I like snakes but snakes in em Gucci
Hit the stores 100million credit cards spending on em Gucci
Gucci !

Rap 1 :

Champagne with no cup, rich lifestyle but dang am raw, my lifestyle streaming live, I put it on d net made em haters get mad now they study me like course, you tryna catch a plane, my jet is a pain Cuz ur girl love my lane she even say it to your face choose me over your fame, bitch I run d game, ain't about d fame, Gucci perfume all over d place make it seem like flame, my Gucci shirt flossy make yours seems like shame, I bet you know d name X to d breezes their is a tag on your name hushpuppy pay me well u know who to blame.

Rap 2:

If ain't champagne bottle I rather zip from can, I never go to joint yet am never out of green, I grab my I piece holla my hommie Ken, no sticks no seeds hickyhicky greeny wee, what d fuck is MOB we need BBB big black bitches as we jozin licking we, dress to kill Gucci head to toe like d logo of my Clan, hushpuppy warn me boy buy it while you can, don't go for d fakes don't copy this clowns, just because they famous son that don't count, I rather shoot dice, fat barbecue than end u on a morgue tray, watch me buying Gucci's and folks black dresses HEY

Rap 3:
Everywhere I go on my grind throwing hits, loaded left and right nigga waste look like hips, jean zag low check d logo dz ain't cheap damn right is a Gucci, I ain't above d law, I ain't no dirty thug I don't do beer but me I do em drug come up with new mix I pass it to my bro yea am high feeling so fly eyes like red light Gucci shade makes it nice, when i die av a wish bury me in Gucci, Gucci on d wrist, Gucci bed sheet, Gucci swimming pool bitches no how I do, Gucci on d feet 100 thousand large I know they call it waste but who cares what they say am always here getting pay, my nickname should be Italian like designier Timmy Tunner, working 9 to 5 half d cheedar on dz leather, jacket on a snakes make it seem evening party wears online