gowns in the evening looks elegant

Mom's!! Answer the questions about your FIRST born. The one who made you a Mom!

1. Epidural? Nope.
2. Father in room? Nope, dad was on the phone with 1 grandma, driving from the airport to the hospital. In the hospital room with us was 1 aunt, 2 grandma's, 2 family friends, 3 nurse's, and just in time for her entrance into the world, the doctor. gowns in the evening looks elegant
3. Induced? Nope, she was born on her due date. ...
4. Knew sex beforehand? Yes
5. Due date? November 21st
6. Birth date? November 21st
7. Morning sickness? Yes, when taking the prenatal vitamins. I stopped taking them after a few weeks.
8. Food cravings? McDonald's strawberry sundaes with a side cup of hamburger pickles, and Cinnabon cinnamon rolls with extra icing.
9. Pounds gained? 28
10. Sex of the baby? Girl
11. Place of birth? California
12. Hours in labor? 11
13. Weight? 8lbs...can you imagine how big she'd have been had I taken the prenatal vitamins?!!
14. Name: Haley Ann Evans-Ringwood- Haley Ringwood
15. Age now: She died at 18. She'd be 21 in November.

*Come on Mamas!* Let's hear your story! Copy and paste. Change my answers.

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