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Important question....a little over a week ago I had a UTI, went to Dr and got meds. Was feeling good till last night.

Here is my question: before I went to bed at 10 pm I had flank pain and pain across the lower part of abdominal, at 1 am I woke up with severe flank pain and pain in lower abdodoman it's been very bad all day. I just came back from the Drs, he said no blood, not even a trace, no bacteria at all. high low asymmetrical wedding selections

He said that maybe it was caused from my Hip? As far as I know I have nothing wring with my hip.

Has anyone else ever had this happen?
Nothing is helping it at all.

So now he signed a sheet of paper for me to go to the emergancy room right away.

I'm just not sure what to do? Any advise? Any advise also what I should take with me?