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AGW Homecoming 2018 5/6/2018 Part 2

After a 90-second teaser for Summer Mayhem II, we see Vader walking into the Liacourous
Center with Jeff Jarrett, the Honky Tonk Man, and Ivan Koloff in tow. Joey Styles denounces
Honky and Koloff’s presence at the arena and says he hopes Vader gets wiped out by Edge
in tonight’s main event.
Cut to Jojo introducing the next match.

CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE MATCH/Dean Malenko vs. Disco Inferno

It’s an epic clash of WCW icons as the Man of 1000 Holds goes on the attack right at the
opening bell and Disco unleashes a blistering counteroffensive. Malenko is staggered by an
inverted atomic drop, but quickly recovers and floors Disco with a spinning heel kick. For the
next twenty-plus minutes Disco and Malenko try to wear each other down, and at 22:40 it looks
like Disco might have the champion right where he wants him after drilling Malenko with back-
to-back DDTs; the Boogie Man scrambles to the top rope to deliver a splash on his opponent,
but Malenko fakes him out by rolling out of the way at the last second. Taking the opportunity
to capitalize on Disco’s mistake, Malenko locks in a Texas cloverleaf, and at 22:51 Disco taps
out to give Malenko the win in his first title defense as AGW cruiserweight champion.

We see Jack Swagger talking strategy with Zeb Colter in advance of the LiveStream title bout
with A.J. Styles later in the evening. Tenay says he’s seldom seen Swagger look more focused
than he does tonight.

Fade to Howard Finkel introducing the next match.

CONTRACT LADDER MATCH(winner faces AGW Pacific Rim champion at Summer Mayhem
II)/”Cowboy” James Storm vs. Bad News Allen

Allen steals the early advantage with a cheap shot on Storm. He starts scrambling up the
ladder, but Storm recovers just in time to push the ladder over and send Allen flying into the
crowd. As Allen staggers to his feet, Storm bombards him with a succession of roundhouse
rights and rams his head into the ring apron; Storm props the ladder back up and begins his
own climb up to get the contract, only to have Allen pull him off the ladder halfway up and all
but plants him into the canvas with a back body drop. A Pier 6 brawl ensues as Allen trades
fists with Storm in the center of the ring. At the 13-minute mark Allen goes for an enzuigiri on
Storm only to have the Cowboy duck out of the way at the last second; Allen lands flat on his
face and struggles to get upright again. Sensing that this is the perfect time to put Allen away
once and for all, Storm drills him with a Last Call superkick and secures the title match contract
at 13:21 to earn a shot at the Pacific Rim champion at Summer Mayhem II.

Fade to Larry Nelson interviewing Owen Hart about his upcoming best 2-of-3 falls match with
Gene Kiniski. The King of Harts declares that after he beats Kiniski, he’s going to beat Vachon
for the AGW Canadian title.

Cut to Greg Hamilton introducing the next match.

LIVESTREAM TITLE MATCH/A.J. Styles vs. Jack Swagger

Zeb Colter gets in the Phenomenal One’s face with some choice insults and is rewarded for
his trouble with a Pele kick to the head; Styles then proceeds to lay some ferocious forearm
shots on Swagger just as Swagger’s trying to clobber him with a chair to the back. Swagger
lands on the arena floor in a heap as Colter retreats to the safety of the timekeeper’s table.
Styles starts to Irish-whip Swagger toward the ringside barricade, but Swagger reverses it
and sends Styles crashing into the barricade instead. Throwing Styles back into the ring, a
fired-up Swagger delivers a punishing leg drop on the champion and goes for the cover only
to have Styles kick out at two. The Real American tries to set Styles up for a German suplex,
but Styles elbows him in the stomach and follows it up with a DDT. Seeing Colter up on the
ring apron, Styles nails him with a forearm shot to the face, then turns his attention back to a
winded Swagger and puts the exclamation point on this match with a Styles Clash at 14:58
for the three-count and the win.

We see Edge backstage with Christian, Lita, and Randy Orton as he preps for his title match
against Vader in the main event. Joey Styles observes that the second Edge-Vader battle may
be even more violent than their first encounter…and that’s saying quite a bit.

Cut to Jeremy Borash introducing the next match.

4-ON-3 TAG TEAM MATCH/The Four Horsemen vs. the Miz & the Miztourage

Tully Blanchard starts the match off for the Horsemen, subjecting Bo Dallas to a merciless
beating. He tags in Arn Anderson, who continues the assault before Dallas manages to race
to his corner and tag in the Miz, who tries to beg off but only succeeds in getting socked in the
jaw. Anderson hits a spinebuster and goes for the pin, but Miz kicks out at two and a half and
tags in Curtis Axel; the former WWE Intercontinental champion clotheslines Anderson so hard
you can practically hear it in the balconies. Seeking to give himself some breathing room, AA
makes the tag to Barry Windham; Windham trades punches with Axel for several minutes until
Axel Irish-whips him into the ropes and nails him with a textbook dropkick. He hits a ferocious
backbreaker on Windham and goes for the cover, but Ric Flair comes into to break it up at two.
A frustrated Axel complains to the referee, but the ref just looks at him as if to say “What can
you do?” Flair tags himself into the match a few minutes later, prompting Axel to make a tag to
Miz; all hell breaks loose as the Nature Boy and the A-Lister tear into each other like mad dogs
in a cage. Miz goes for the Skull-Crushing Finale only to have Flair give him the slip and drop
him on his head with a DDT. Seeing Miz is incapacitated, Flair applies the figure-four leglock
on the eight-time former WWE Intercontinental champion. Miz struggles to make it to the ropes
in order to force Flair to break the hold-- with neither man noticing that Samoa Joe, who has in
fact been hiding in the arena this whole time, is approaching the ring to attack Flair. Just when
it looks like Flair is about to make Miz submit, Joe delivers a vicious shot to Flair’s throat-- and inexpensive homecoming dresses
a DQ victory for the Horsemen at 17:10. Joe and the Miztourage then proceed to get into an
all-out brawl with Tully, Arn, and Windham, prompting arena security to intervene before things
really get out of hand.

To Be Continued….