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Day 343/344 of 365

Had my 3rd treatment at the Physiotherapy yesterday, it seems to give momentarily relief but not staying :(
got through shopping with little discomfort and without a pain pill.
But when I decided to go to bingo I took a pill and I had just close to the end the first signs, that it was enough sitting.
I was lucky also, as I won 250 $.
Could have been more, I was set so many times!!!
When I was finally laying in bed, I had a hard time getting to sleep, because no matter how I positioned myself, my butt was on fire! Tried with pillow under feet, between legs, both sides and ended up finally exhausted and tired on my back. inexpensive homecoming outfits under 50
Fell asleep and woke up at 5 am this morning.
Got up pretty good, but it didn't last long and my butt and leg started to send waves again.
Went back to bed, fell asleep again until 10am.
Hubby went out to get some stuff at Canadian tire and when I went back down, I saw he had bought a little rug to put in the loving room, where there was just laminate floor and Max always loses his grip and his control over his hind legs..
Now he enjoys going in the living room and we put one in the kitchen also where he walks across in order to get to the door. Poor Max.... same problem like his Mama. :)
Hubby needed cigarettes today, so I got dressed and got him some and ordered some Chinese food at that occasion.. was too lazy to cook!
Somehow I misplaced my phone again..looking every where... and doesn't so that doesn't work, plus I can't remember where I was looking at it the last time. Certain things I should always attach to myself... LOL
It'll show up... probably in a very strange place...
Until tomorrow! <3