informal style garment for mother of the bride

Pastor Jay and I have always been harping like a broken record about how all school-age kids in our church must go to school. Many a time have we dissuaded young people from working because we place a premium on education. Asa ra nang trabaho kung makahuman na ka -- we've said this far more times than we could remember. informal style garment for mother of the bride

Through the years we've encouraged, supported, scolded, mentored and prayed for several students through college.

We rejoiced when a young man from a broken family finally became an engineer;
when a girl raised singlehandedly by her Mama finally got her diploma and is now in the accounting department of a major pharmacy;
when a Fil-Am abandoned by her black American father graduated and is now set to go to Japan,
when an industrious boy from the mountains of Mabinay finished college and is now a manager,
when a shy girl from the mountains of Ayungon braved her way through a big state university and is now a teacher.

What brave souls they are, and what joy it was for us to see them succeeding.

There are still in our church several who are still in college. A self-supporting student who works at a fastfood joint and another who is the only child of a single mother. Hang on, our dear youths. The struggle is real but it is now less so, with SUCs now free.

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