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I agree with the core premise here, indeed thinking it's worse than portrayed, not only does a minority rule but that minority has been sold a bill of goods by an oligarchy that decides which candidates can run. I agree ranked voting, and an end to gerrymandering is essential but to see that accomplished I fear the system has to collapse so horribly that the two party system implodes.

The good news is Trump and the Republicans are so inept that they won't be able to legisl ... ate much so the harm they do, counter to the democratic will of the people, will be minor but easily visible to even the most ill informed voter. Hopefully this fosters Bannon splitting the GOP and the voters being fed up enough to rise up in all States, red, blue and purple electing leaders in time for enacting systemic voting system changes before the 2020 census when the Congressional districts will be redrawn. lack decorated items to wear of the cocktail

We're broke but can fix it if we keep our eye on the ball and enact system changes, not personalities.

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