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7 years ago today we were preparing for a gender reveal not a 20 week(gestation) pregnancy loss. The person I was when I walked into that exam room was not the person who came out. Forever changed, forever empty and forever incomplete. Every single day I wake up with a part of my heart broken. It's an emotional battle I face daily, longing to go to heaven or staying here on Earth. No mother should ever bury her baby. No mother should look at her living children and see their beauty being shadowed by her grief, the grief of what "should" be. It's bitter and sweet. Without the rain we wouldn't have experienced the immense joy of the rainbows. It's the longest hardest storm I've ever had to face, but I don't face it alone and for that I am thankful. Rest in sweet peace my forever baby, Callan Eric Coffman 8-05-10. long sleeve prom dresses 2019