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Share please. A little awareness of an illness in children I never knew about till my son came down with it. And I bet alot other hasn't as well.

So this is hsp (Henoch-schonlein purpura) which is a rare illness. That causes the blood vessels to become inflamed and damaged. Which as you can see causes the rash. The rash doesn't turn white when pressed. And in some cases can turn into ulcers. The rash is usually over the backs of the limbs, especially the legs. Still it not known 100% why hsp happens. But is thought to happen after some viral or bacterial infections such as a cold. This is not inherited and is not contagious. It affects the joints making them painful. And swollen. More so in the knees and ankles as you can see in the pictures. Which will also make it hard to walk. Tummy aches and pains which can be severe and occasionally result in blood on the stood. Very rare but this can get into the kidneys and protein and blood may be found in the urine due to inflammation in the kidneys. Hsp is more common in children ages 2-11 years and it's seems to affect boys more than girls. Hsp is easy to diagnosed. Just a simple physical examination and a blood test. There is no specific treatment for hsp other than rest and recuperation. Symptoms can last several weeks. Paracetamol and ibuprofen can be given to help with the joint pain. And sometime steroids will be given to children that have tummy pain or kidney damage. maid of honor wearings cost below $100 in coral