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Growing up as a 90's kid we have seen the growth of television, specially media and social media in our country.
As a kid our digital entertainment were limited to few hand counted programs that used cheap VFX like Shaktiman, Alif Laila and likes. The news were less dramatic. A well dressed man or lady, who is very cautious about every word of his/her will read out the news with utmost respect even to a theif. There were less video footage of the ground coverage. Around 2004 social media boom happened with Orkut ( however Facebook reached me around 2007/8) and Facebook and things started to move rapidly. Now news were a product. And news channel were salesman ready to do anything for TRP. The more sauce we have in the news the better. And today we have walked to a place where the intimate text messages of a couple or a man chopping another man are shown openly. Complete footage.Without realizing how much deep impact it can produce on a person. How worst psychological injury it can put in a person's mind without even realizing that our inside is disturbed. mauve prom dresses
Bringing out the truth is always necessary. But deciding what to show and what not should be done carefully keeping the impact a video or photo can create, in mind.