mixed color for bridesmaid wear of two tone

Right now I am convinced that I am in complete control of my body. Today is the 6th day of my Autumn detox fast. I am still in the initiation phase of my 28-day detoxification protocol. My body has been burning fat as I have had nothing but water and 1 glass of hempseed/sunflower milk over the previous 5 days. I weigh myself daily and today my weight has declined 11 pounds since Friday morning; that is 2.2 pounds a day. I have maintained a daily exercise routine to keep mixed color for bridesmaid wear of two tone ... the muscles in tone.

This is part of my strategy to extend my live to a full 120 years. At age 62, I strongly feel that I am on course to meet this goal. My book LIVING SUPERFOOD LONGEVITY is what I call an owners manual for the healthy adult body. Many of my secrets for avoiding age-related decline are in it. It is available at my web site: http://www.LivingSuperFood.com/products.html . I promise, you will not be disappointed!

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