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1.Don't broadcast ur life
Broadcasting ur personal life and marriage problems on radio or any other forms of broadcast media is not okay. Your husband is minding his own business listening to the radio, and suddenly he hears u airing the dirty laundry for the whole of SA to hear.

2.Be patient with ur partner:
patience acts as a lubricant between u nd ur mate when there r frictions caused over misunderstanding to one another.

3.Seek an expert, not a friend:
women tend to share more than they should to their friends, by asking ur friends for advice u r actually badmouthing ur mate within ur circles. Rather seek expert advice if u think u need intervention.

4.stay away from social media:
publishing ur kinky pictures with ur husband on facebook or any other social platform is a no no!!! keep ur shenanigans to urself. Think before u post! Also never allow ur social network to know more about u than your spouse does.

5.Modern family:
don't belittle ur man in front of ur family. If u have issues with him, talk to him during the absence of them family members. If u do nt respect ur man then how do u expect ur family to respect him?.

6.Mo'Money, Mo' problems :
Money has never dictated power. U may earn more than ur man does but that does not mean u r more powerful than him. Do not remind him at every chance u get about how u bring home the bacon. U will make him feel worthless. Ask him to contribute in other ways that will strengthen the relationship nd the family, and remind him of how u appreciate his contribution. modest formal dresses for juniors

7.Agree to disagree:
Women like to have their way most of the time, but in a marriage, compromising is important to keeping a happy home. If its not that important , let it go. Its okay if u do not have ur way, It doesn't mean u r weak.

8.Tongue-lock :
Ur tongue can either bless or bomb ur marriage. Use it wisely! How u speak to ur mate is a big deal. Ur spouse needs ur love, nt ur sarcasm, criticism and snide remarks. Wounding ur mate emotionally and acting all innocent will erode ur marriage.

9.Respect goes a long way:
Even the bible puts it in simple words "Women Respect Your Husband". It is very important to respect ur man for who he is. Don't try to change him to suit ur lifestyle.

10.Competition Alert:
Don't compete with other couples. Yes, They may have many materialistic objects as u do nt have, how they make their marriage work isn't going to be the same method for u. look at ur marriage and appreciate what u have. Others may be jealous of the precious little things u have with ur partner (Happiness). be continued with other 10 steps

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