modest wedding wears for lds and mormon


I am a South African lady aged 28 and have been married to a Zambian Lozi man aged 30 staying here in Livingstone and we have been together for three years now with one child. I met my husband for the first time in South Africa five years ago. The problem is that my husband is failing to satisfy me sexually. When I complained to his step mother, I was advised to find a boyfriend to satisfy my sexual feelings rather than divorcing him. I have now started going out wi ... th his first cousin and he is really satisfying me sexually. The problem is that my husband does not know my secrete relationship with his cousin. I know that what i am doing is incorrect as a Christian but there is nothing I can do since my husband only manages to meet me once a week in just 2 to 3 minutes. He is fast in releasing. I explained my predicament to my local pastor with the aim of finding lasting solution but alas, he lost his spiritual senses and nearly raped me. modest wedding wears for lds and mormon
My question is, can i just divorce him and marry another man or I just continue satisfying myself outside marriage with his unmarried cousin? The truth is I can't manage having sex twice or thrice a month, am still young for that. Kindly help.

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