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Will You help the cats get relief from Mosquitoes?

You know how annoying mosquitoes are and if you watch our Facebook LIVE walkabouts, you know that a lot of the big cats suffer seasonal allergies due to mosquito bites. Huge shout out to Melanie D. who recommended Mosquito Fish to put a permanent end to the suffering of the cats and their keepers.

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Hillsborough County has a program for homeowners where they give away a small number of fish, but when I called and explained that we are dealing with an 18 acre lake, a pond in Vacation Rotation and nearby swamps, they said I needed to go straight to the farmer they get theirs from.

Carole contacted him and he didn't know how many fish it would take to make a difference, but said he would sell them to Big Cat Rescue for .25 each and they come in bags of 250. I'm guessing we need a LOT of them so I set the goal to $700 which will buy us 2800 Mosquito Fish. He said they breed fast and don't die in the winter, so even if it does't make a huge impact this summer, it could be a lasting solution to protect the cats and their keepers. mormon items to wear of the prom situation

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