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This testimony is long, but totally worth the read! This is my friend Kerry Beeley Ward , please read what she has to say! So many are silently suffering and we never even know it. If you know someone with similar issues, please send them my way! I would love to help!!!

Kerry shares:

"My entire life has been a fairy tale more or less. I consider myself to be extremely lucky to have been brought up in the most loving, close-knit, large family. Meeting the love of my life at 16 years of age was an unexpected blessing. Married at 22 and had 3 healthy boys at 23, 26, & 29, all of which I had gained over 65 lbs with! After our 3rd child was born is when my chronic fatigue kicked in. At first, I was told it was normal after having a baby. A year and a couple doctors later, both tried to push depression medication! I was the happiest tired person I knew and after moving to Florida in 2006, I found a doctor that finally diagnosed me with an auto immune disease! This was the root cause for my fatigue and being tired all the time dramatically affected my mood! Once again, I declined medication.

My joint pain and skin issues began in 2013. What began in my right elbow spread within 6 months to almost every joint in my body. Even more shocking was that several MRI's revealed no signs of arthritis! To top it off, I had woken up one day with dry itchy patches on my face. Not yet 40, I remember sitting in extreme pain one day worried about what life was going to be a year from then. I was definitely too young to feel that old! This is when my research began. I learned about leaky gut and silent inflammation and how important probiotics are. I also saw that Omega 3 is a must for anyone with skin conditions. I started both and my symptoms were GONE within a week!! I can recall going a couple days without them because I ran out within the past 4 years. As crazy as this sounds, pain returned to some of my joints along with an itchy patch on my face both times!! I knew I would never go without either supplement but also proving that my treatment was just a bandaid and not a solution!
My good friend Alysun Caldwell reached out to me. She didn't even know of the stomach issues my husband and boys suffered from. We were all already taking probiotics and I was pleasantly surprised that Plexus was about the same cost. Based on Alysun's advise, I started the TriPlex in Feburary 2017. I figured that as long as my joint pain and skin condition didn't come back, I would continue taking Plexus.

Here is the exciting and most unexpected part!! Aside from my on-going fatigue with mood swings, I also suffered from severe heartburn, headaches, severe bloating, a womenly condition that causes excessive scar tissue causing extreme pain, restless leg, on-going sinus infections from allergies, and a second auto immune disease that causes nerve pain. I took daily heartburn meds, allergy pills, and NSAIDS. After just 30 days on the TriPlex I noticed a big difference in my energy and my headaches were gone. My 2nd month I no longer suffered from heartburn, restless leg, and my auto-immune symptoms which also dramatically improved my mood! This is when I began sharing which I swore I would NEVER do and be "that" person and we certainly didn't NEED the money. I was so excited to tell everyone about my amazing results! My families products were paid for from just my first month of sharing and then some! I added in Vital Biome, XFactor Plus, and MegaX and at day 90 and I am COMPLETELY symptom free and no longer require any medication!!! I still can't believe it! mother of the bride wears in coral

I am 44 years NEW and I feel amazing! I have made a lot of new friends that share my passion of helping others! My friends and family are seeing amazing results and results speak for themselves! Health and happiness truly starts with healing your gut!"