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Hey. Hey listen. It's okay to be tired.

You have every right to be tired when it happens. If you feel physically and mentally exhausted, don't deny it, but don't overexert. Don't even think of going that extra mile just because you need to finish something. Your health matters. Your peace matters. Take a bit of time off. not expensive prom party wears in black

All that chaos is going to take over if you ignore the order that is trying to keep you from falling apart. Sit down, do nothing. Lie down, do nothing. Ref ... lect. Think about where you are. Think less of things that haven't happened yet. They're potentials of the future, but they're not set in stone. Things can change on such short notice. The present is where you are. Gift yourself with that idea.

Breathe. Drink water. Do some stretches. Repeat. You're a constantly growing person, but don't ever forget your limitations. Pace yourself. Other people have limitations too. Know yours, and keep yours in mind. Always. Adapt.

Hey. Hey listen. It's okay.

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