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Eridan was a toy and he knew that. He had always been a toy and will always be a toy. He was okay with that, because he was an excellent toy. He had many wonderful features that set him apart from all of the toys. Two such things were his cape and his scarf. This cape was made of soft material in the most beautiful hue of violet. It flowed in the slightest breeze, at least he'd assume so since it didn't flow too much inside of his box. His scarf could be throwing around his neck in the more casual way or tied tightly to display perhaps a look of bitter winter. When in the box it just draped down either side of his shoulders. He also had two pairs of glasses one clearly to represent normal glasses while the other was a pair of shades with his Aquarius symbol in white upon the lenses. Along with his accessories Eridan had two toy weapons. One which the box so promptly named Ahab's crosshairs resemble a harpoon gun though the harpoon would not be removed from it. The other which Eridan himself preferred was a wand. on sale wedding options With Lace Appliques

Another factor that made Eridan unique was that even in the large story that he was in he was the only toy of his kind. One could search for days on end and find no other Eridan Ampora. At the beginning this made him feel better than all other toys. Now, so it just made him feel lonely. He had been waiting for the day some child would pluck him off the shelf and demand their guardian that he be theirs. The day never came. Eridan had grown more and more worried as the years went on that he'd be like all of the toys that sat on the shelf too long. The workers would come take him off and he disappeared never to be seen again. Maybe the workers were sorry for the lone toy, or maybe they had forgotten about him, but he had gone the longest of any toy on the shelf.

As the lights begin to turn on department by department the excited murmurs the other toys quieted to silence. Eridan hope that today he would be chosen. If only he could tell the children that passed by there was nothing wrong with him. That he would be the best toy they would ever own. Then maybe somebody would choose him and take them home. But alas Eridan couldn't. It was part of the rules of being a toy. You can only talk to other toys or the person who owns you.

Eridan stood up straight in his box, he replaced the smile the manufacturer so painstakingly placed upon his face even though he no longer felt happy. It wasn't until about noon at least so he assumed it was noon that the crowd began to wander the store. He had been so focused on watching other toys be pulled down and put into carts, wheeled the way to their happy future that he barely noticed his own box being lifted up.