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The "Corner Office" Who was the mysterious man in Room 6## ? He was casually dressed well groomed. He was always having a conversation with someone and seemed to be knowledgeable about most of the people he came in contact with. I noticed he knew people from all the different years and classes at Lexington High School. If he didn't know he would ask. He flowed smoothly from one area to another never staying long and he particular seemed to want to visit with classmates close to his age group. He was not old enough or young enough to have been a teacher, so who is this mysterious man from room 6## ? The saga begins Friday morning at check in at the Embassy Suites in Ridgeland Miss August 04 2017. I had already checked in earlier when 3 friends who will remain nameless stopped by after checking in and asked "what room are you in" my reply was "what room are y'all in" the reply was 503, I said how nice I'm in room 505. Now knowing these girls I said "don't party all night, laughing and talking keep me awake next door. Everything went as planned, Saturday morning at breakfast they were smiling, laughing and looking guilty as I arrived for coffee. I asked "what did y'all do" they tried to act as though they had not done anything. The story finally came out, they asked "why did you no get up when we knocked on the wall between the rooms this morning at 05:00" ? They said they even knocked on the door and called my name. I asked "What room did you knock on"? Their reply, Your room 505, my reply "I'm in room 6##. They kinda turned white and looked as though they may faint. The story does not end here, I knew they had plans for me in Room 6## for Saturday night, this where the mysterious man in room 6## starts his mischievous pranks on these girls. It's great to have friends and good times together and we all that went to LHS have always been close to each other and this little tale shows just that after all these years. Chapter Two will follow Tuesday or Wednesday, The Mysterious Man in Room 6## online sale maternity evening party wears