pink colored items of the cocktail to wear

So I hear I've been called a hoe again just because the man is upset I posted my new ring! He can try n make me look how the fuck ever he chooses n has tried but if anyone wants to say something place do I'm right here because everything that comes outta his moths has been nothing but lies n bullshit! N yeas I'm gonna tag him in this!!! I did everything for this foo n tried what he wanted me to do but instead he wants to run after everything he's been messing with at the fitness center n some of the exs he talk so much mad shit about well baby u can have it!!! Why because I tried n fuck I let u get away with this too long... over here believing what ur telling me you want me you love me then u turn around n start talking shit when I've done way more than I ever should have for you n to try n put our family back together not for me but cuz u wanted that pink colored items of the cocktail to wear
So just stop all ur childish bullshit n let me go n be if that's what u wNt now I'm not mad n I won't be... just so sick of being made a fool of because Nick is hurt because of his choices Not Mine!!!!