prom gowns with ruffles

Sugar addicts! Would you like to clear your mind, calm your body and test your willpower? I'm hosting FREE a two-week sugar break beginning on Friday, December 1st. Recipes, tips, guidance, and support. It's all happening!

I recently took a break from sugar absolutely cold turkey. I'd been struggling with a couple of health issues and knew that I needed to do something different. I was terrified to give it up, or more accurately terrified that I couldn't! But I did it...and within two days my withdrawal headache went away. I felt I'd gotten off poison! I'm not saying I will never consume it again, but I could see that my relationship with it had become unhealthy. I planned for my sugar each day. It was my stress release, my reward, my 'hit'. I was not in a healthy place with it. I mentioned this on Instagram last night and the idea of a supported group came up. Some of you may have joined me for the single week break last year. Let's do it again--for twice as long! Take two weeks off sugar right before we roll into the heart of the holiday season. prom gowns with ruffles

We'll be giving up sugar, fruit, and alcohol. This includes dried fruit, maple syrup, agave, rice sweeteners, honey, sweetened cereals, holiday candy, cookies, sugar in your short, if it's sweet, it's out.

I resisted trying to break from sugar for years...I'd already given up so much (grains, cow dairy, raw nuts, most fruit...jeez, what's left?) but it was easier than I thought to start.. and the better I feel, the better I think.

Let yourself become more refined...ha ha. Try this! I would love to have companionship. We'll start on the 1st! Comment here or PM me to join.