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LOVE SEES NO COLOR! Some people looking in from the outside, would be like, "omg why is she carrying a white baby", or "what is that white baby doing with them (me and Jailin)" well ya see, they're SISTERS!! Blood sisters! Same mommy, but different dads! Both came out of MY BODY, yet both of them have totally different complexions! Gabbi absolutely loves her "Gigi" to pieces! I love raising my kids like this, and even more I'm BLESSED to be Biracial! Im able to see the BEST O ... F BOTH WORLDS! Of course people are gonna stare, wonder, probably even turn up their noses, but guess what?? I don't care, and I NEVER WILL! I gave life to these two precious girls of mine! 10 years apart! I've NEVER had kayla nor Gabbi ask me why me and Jailin are different colors than they are, because I teach them to love everyone and to see no color! At the end of the day, we ALL bleed red, we will ALL fall in love, we will ALL be in a grave one day beside someone whose race we won't even know! So while we're able to still live a beautiful life, embrace each other instead of always bringing others down because of their skin color! It's on the inside that counts, NOT THE OUTSIDE! red prom dresses 2019
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