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Do revealing or indecent clothes cause the high spate of rape cases?

Yes and No.

Let me ask the same question using another analogy (maybe not a perfect analogy but logical still);

Does the right to own guns by citizens cause the high spate of murder cases in USA?

Answer: With or without guns people will still commit murder, but gun violence will reduce drastically if gun possession is CONTROLLED! As a necessary consequence, therefore, the murder rate will automatically reduce. The key word being 'control'.

In the same vein, with or without indecent dressing by women, men would still rape. As long as they have eyes to look at a woman's figure or curve, they must lust. And lust may lead to rape.

Many men can undress a fully clad woman with their naked eyes. The woman isn't naked. The eyes of the rapist are, and that's all that matters. In fact, some rapists love it when their potential victims leave a lot to imagination. They love it when women don't reveal too much. They love the curiosity and the thrill of seeing what lies beneath the heavy cladding. sequin style items to wear for the party

So, some rapists don't actually care whether you dress like a Nun or a Whore. Again, many of them may even prefer the Nun because she appeals more to their imagination; to their curiosity. Moreover, most rapists only find pleasure in taking women by force. Rape is really about power, not penetration.

We must not forget that sexual abusers are psychologically unwell. They are literally psychos. They suffer from emotional or mental injuries, not physical. They abuse not only for physical gratification but much more for mental pleasure or sport. They need psychotherapy, not physiotherapy.

However, decent dressing by young women may help in stemming the tide of naughty ideas and thoughts in the human mind. In other words, i'm calling for CONTROL. Just like gun control can reduce (not eradicate) murder, decent dressing too can reduce (not eradicate) rape. At least we'd have some statistical success.

For MOST men, 80% of female communication is NONVERBAL! Actually, in the real sense of it, a large part of human messaging is nonverbal, which means that we communicate more via body language than through our vocal cavity. This includes our fashion.

We make fashion statements all the time. Our clothing actually speaks. Our clothing for most part reveals our moods and mental states. This is a philosophical fact. That is why certain jobs come with certain wardrobe. Certain folks dress in certain ways.

In the real world therefore, what you wear counts. It defines you. It makes you. It can break you. It is not egregious to say that you are what you wear. A Nun who dresses like a Prostitute and perfumes herself like one is inviting the worst of men to her Convent. When you see vultures gather, there must be a carcass.

Fashion matters. In the real world, you are only as good as your wardrobe. Yes, covering your head to toe in burka will not stop perverts from vain imaginations, but making suggestive fashion statements too is not a solution.

Solving the rape menace requires a multidimensional approach.

Telling men to control their eyes and minds is necessary but not sufficient. We must also train our women about nonverbal messaging. Even when your mouth is shut, you're still speaking through other nonverbal media. And sadly you may be sending confusing signals to horny men.

Women should make sure they speak decently via their fashion. Exposing your breasts and thighs can cause misinformation; wrong signals.

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