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Not quite a "Greek Wedding" more a Ukrainian Wedding with a Greek flavour!
My Greek Friend Anastosious who runs a Export Company together with his Best Friend Turan, a Turkish Friend here in Berdyansk was marrying a local Lady last Saturday!
Yes it sounds funny a Greek and a Turk are best of Friends for along time!
Turan is also married to Lesia B-mete a very nice Ukrainian Lady.
It must be the atmosphere here in Berdyansk to creating such unusual friendships!
The legal Wedding Ceremony has taken place just with the Families present at the Berdyansk Registry Office.
The festive Ceremony was out in Kasa at the "Golden Beach Resort"
I really liked this Resort with lovely Gardens, a "Sanatorium" to getting Fit, Beautiful with Gym, Massages, Mudpacks, you name it!
But hat I really liked was the Restaurant by the nearly deserted lovely sandy Beach.
I was invited together with my Friend Stepanenko Marina who lived and worked for many years in Greece. She is also a Friend with the Groom.
The Mother from Anastosious who speaks only Greek was happy to have someone to chat and talking to!
In the Evening we had a lovely Meal with plenty of Alcohol as much as we liked, but no one was behaving badly or being Drunk.
I was wearing a Suit and Tie for the first time in Years! By visiting Cornelia Luethi in NZ is never given that opportunity,because the "Kiwi's" are very, very relaxed in dressing up.
On our Table was quite an international Crowd of a Turk, a few Ukrainians, two Greek's and a Swiss what was announced to being a Brit by the Wedding Entertainer. It was not just me who thought my Friend Andrei Galitsyn would made a better Job. short wedding dresses cheap
All in all it was a really great Wedding and I wishing the Happy Couple the very Best and good Luck out of my Heart.
I know all the Guests and the Families wishing the same!
As for Stepanenko Marina and me there was no there way to finish the Night in the Barracuda were the happy Couple meet each other!
I think it was the first time a Guy in Suit and Tie came into the Disco what created a laughter by the Staff and the ones who know me!