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I'm going to ask this again. If anyone filed paperwork that ended the debt slavery system anywhere on this planet, why is birth registration still forced upon people by the minute? When the birth registration goes away, then you know we're getting somewhere. Even if gold backed currency is issued, is the birth registration still? Open your eyes. Our eyes are easily closed by the illusion that something or someone is going to save us.

In my opinion, only you can take control of that entity, no one else. It's not hard folks. What's hard is knowing and believing in what you're doing as your own work and not someone else's. Even if you use someone else's work but fully understand its purpose in the lawful procedure your doing its still your own work. Using someone else's work in form without a clue as to its substance is not.

Claiming someone else's birth property is a slippery slope which is why you can only claim yours and your children's. These banks did not steal your property. It was given to them by the Bailee after you the bailor abandoned it with the Bailee. Perfectly legal. So for someone to come in and say, "I/we claimed all the birth certificates in the world for you" without our consent, that makes me feel a bit like its the same old pig in a new pretty dress. spaghetti evening gowns

NO ONE has the authority to claim, redeem or administrate my creation but the Supreme Creator and the secondary It is from that original source that I derive full authority, value and mastery...NO THING else.