stylish wedding selections with colors

Latest finished piece! This was made for Denise Michelle Murtagh for her cousin Linda 's upcoming pirate-themed wedding. She didn't want a dress, but as a bridesmaid she wanted to be comfortable and look great in photos, so we came up with this! Wedding colors are a fairly specific green, cream, silver and black and the bride wanted everyone to wear their own style in the vein. We shopped for fabrics at # joannfabrics , found all the bits and pieces we needed for around $80, and I went to work on this a few weeks ago. After one pretty successful fitting and the okay from both the bride and her maid, this awesome piece will be lightweight enough for running around to help keep the wedding on track, and the shirt underneath is short sleeved and easy to wear in a light gauze. Denise will be pairing this with an amazing leather buckaneers hat, leggings and boots. stylish wedding selections with colors

Who says a bridesmaid needs to wear a dress?