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As much as I strongly stand for women being responsible for themselves and not dependent on any man. But this should never be taken for granted!! Even if you are in a relationship with or married to an independent boss lady, that does not mean you shouldn't show some sense of responsibility!! Love is about giving not exploiting!! God loves us so he gave us his only begotten son. You keep saying she is Ms. Independent so you don't need to get her things. My dear, lil gift can save a soul... You don't have to go way out of your budget. Just show some sense of responsibility! trendy plus size prom dresses
And to my wonderful ladies who are fully dependent on their fiance/spouse to take care of all their needs (though I find it difficult to believe there are such ladies in this 21st century) , Biko nu, you sef do something abeg... Even if na buy and sell...
An idle hand is a devil's workshop.. Prov. 16:27
Kudos to Allison Hyacintho.
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