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It still hadn't left.

I guess it was fatigue. Or something else. But I was really tired. The lush greens under my feet was soothing as I went across the park towards the spa.
Perhaps, a massage will be useful.
Some soothing rub, warm oils, sweet-scented..

"Herh... Can't you watch where you are going?"

How could I not have seen a whole human being and bump into her? I was so lost in my thoughts.

"I'm so sorry ma... " I fumbled.
It was the woman from the restaurant. The sandwich woman!

Her stare was cold. You'd think that well-polished face would have some light in it or a smile from the lips that carried her earth brown lipshade.

There were sheets strewn on the pavement. I joined to pick up the last two, which she yanked hurriedly from me.

"Mtchewwww!" she hissed, and walked off

I watched her go. Whew! At least I got out alive.


"Coming to the spa too?" a lady in jeans and a white laced top walked up to me.

"Yes oo. I need it!"

"hahaha...I know right!"

We walked into white walls and marbled counters. A lady behind the counter was attending to two people and we stood in a little queue behind them.

"Hi, I'm Trisha, you are...?" she said, extending her hand.

The definition of black beauty. Pearly eyes. Right-dimpled cheek that seemed to go down to her chin when she smiled. She was not-so-curvy but seemed to know how to dress up to suit her body type.

"It's my bridal shower!" she giggled, as we filled out the form.
Yes, she was the overly-friendly type whose presence was contagious. They meet you for the first time and act as if you've been friends for years.

"Oh congratulations girl! So where is the bridal team?" I peered, admiring the bead anklets she was taking off her feet into her purse.

"They are already in there. Probably hiding" she sneered
"You know, it's supposed to be a surprise... " she whispered. "They have no idea I have it figured out. Hahaha.
I smiled back.

"Why else would Stella offer me a spa voucher. That stingy girl! Apuuuuu"
We both laughed.

And that's how I ended up rehearsing a "surprise look" with a stranger bride in the spa lobby so her team won't realize she figured it out. It was a funny sight.
Her dimple betrayed our act until we just had to agree that she just walks in. So she did.

There was nobody.


"You are beautiful, intelligent, charming. Come on, don't let this ruin your day"

"But why would they do this to me!?!?"
"it's two days to my wedding! There is no other day! They have nothing planned!"

"Call me Naa... "
"Naa, calm down" I tried, grabbing some tissue. Her anger at a self-imagined-failed-bridal-shower got me both amused and confused.
I didn't understand her rage.

"This. This. This wedding kraa. It's all wrong. All wrong!" she sobbed, laying her head on the white couch as we reclined.

"Now hold on, don't overreact, it's not there yet. It's just a failed..."
" No! It's not. It's the wedding. It's jinxed. It's wrong!"

"Ah! Jinxed? How?"

"But I loved him first you know. I loved Kwame!" she said, clearly ignoring my question

The masseuses walked in to begin our private massage. I asked for some minutes more to stop the drama queen.

She sobbed for a little while, pacing around as I began to wonder what on earth I had gotten myself into.

"It was us from the start. I loved him. I really did."

"And... ?" I enquired.

"And that stupid, stupid, girl seduced him. Ruined everything I wanted! I was nothing but a sister to her!"
There was no dimple when she said that. No light in her eyes. Nothing. She just had this blank stare.

"He bowed to family pressure and married her! My world crumbled before my very eyes, and nobody will understand me!"

I was quiet. All I wanted was a massage and some quiet. Not this overload of information from a stranger.

"For years I hated her. I couldn't forgive her for taking the one thing I treasured away from me.
"So when Kwame called and asked to see me, I grabbed the chance for a pay back." she said, turning to see my reaction.

"I wanted to cause her the pain she caused me 5 years ago! I wanted her broken as she had left me." she fumed.

"And Kwame?" I asked, unamused.

"Kwame was innocent! She lured him!"

"Really Naa? I barely know you but... you believed that?? Ah, was he raped?"

"Look, you don't know him ok! He loved me, still does! It's why we are getting married!"


We walked to the bar for some drinks after the massage. I was very interested in understanding what was going through her mind.

"They had no child. He was scared. She miscarried the first child and never could have a baby. Kwame was wondering if it was because of our past. If maybe my forgiveness would allow them have a child." she said, looking down at the bar table. vintage trumpet wedding garments with lace

Mr Charmer walked in with our ordered drinks. It broke the odd silence. I noticed two cups of ice cream on his tray too.

"But I..."
"On me ma'am. My treat." he winked, serving us and walking off.
I blushed.

"You like him huh?" she observed.
"Oh... Oh no Naa" I blushed some more. "You were saying..."

"We met at the hotel. My request. He agreed. It was our favourite hangout years back. I declined his request to come down to the lobby or restaurant. So he came up to my room"

"Oh no you didn't!" I gasped

"Hell yeah! I did!" she retorted.
"What did keeping my body get me? Didnt one lady freely offer the bout and get a ring?" she asked, looking away

"So... "
"So I took back what was mine!" she grinned. "Over and over. The whole night! It was my first time and it was worth every bit! " she said, ending with an evil smile.

I looked on at her. A couple of hours before and I didn't even know her name. I couldn't believe she was saying all this to a stranger. She must have held it in for so long...

"So I got pregnant". She stirred the ice in her glass of soda, as if absent minded.

"I gave him an ultimatum. I knew he was desperate. I also wanted a wedding or I will abort the baby!"


"I wanted to watch Sika break and cry like she did to me! I wanted her to suffer!"
"She never said sorry for that pain. She never told me how it happened. I wanted to hurt her back so bad!"

"Wow!" I blurted. I was stunned.

"My friends. They were torn. They didn't know who to support when they heard the story. Ho, but me, 'does I care?' Where were they and their loyalty when I was broken? Did they care... "

"Erm, excuse me young ladies" a voice cut in.
We looked up.

"Are you not Naa? Trisha Naa something "
"Mrs Adjaison!" she screamed.

It was Madam Sandwich. I looked at her sheepishly, wondering if she came to finish what she started on the lawn.

"Aha! I knew it had to be you!

" Ma, it's me oo " Naa blushed.

"Aww, my daughter, I heard you are getting married on Saturday" she smiled. The first time I saw her smile.

"Yes ma" she responded. "Can you make it? I have the invitation... "

"Oh no dear. You know my situation" she explained.
"True. I understand." she bowed

"All the best my dear. Would be praying for you. Greetings to your parents" she said, giving Naa a side hug and walking off.

I felt invisible at that point. She said nothing to me. Well, not that I wanted her to anyway.

"You know her?"
"Oh yeah! Mrs Adjaison! We were neighbors in Kumasi when I was young. Then we moved to Accra.

" Oh ok. Nice! She still recalls you. "

"Yeah she does. She had only one child, a daughter, and we were like sisters growing up so I visited them often"

"Oh ok. Nice. So where is she now? Is she part of those who disappointed you today?" I teased

"Her daughter?"
"She committed suicide last week"