wedding grecian items to wear of the wedding

Ryan you have a good heart , and mean well. I can't speak for all men or customs when it comes to relationships. God knows I've had a lot of relationships in life being 5 decades old . Most men look at other women and for some they are not ready for commitment. By nature I've been told most women are nest builders and men are hunters .and in some cultures as your aware of have more than one wife .bottom line a relationship is between two people and you should know the rules that make you both happy weather it's open relationship or closed and private and what makes the other upset and untill this happens maybe you just have not found your true match , but like you and me agree what comes around goes around karma , so don't lose another good women over possibly hunting in new Territories , I've made that mistake being young and foolish , but being human and learning does not make you bad brother wedding grecian items to wear of the wedding