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So I dislocated my shoulder pretty bad a couple weeks ago and i ended up tearing my Labrum which is also described as a Bankart lesion. I didnt get the best news from the doctor today, looks like I have a couple options. One involves surgery on my shoulder its a 12 week recovery. Or i can go through phyiscal therapy to try to lessen the pain and get mobility back in my arm but i will be at risk of dislocations from here on out because the tear wont heal properly without surgery. Its alot to think about and pray about. Im thankful that i have a choice, unfortunitely it means i will have to be extremely careful at the gym and at home for a while either way i go until im completely healed. Prayers are appreciated. I dont like the idea of being down for that long, but i also want to get better and fix the problem. wedding dresses for over 50