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Random thoughts: My life has been full of many adventures, some I can tell you and a few I can never tell. This one is the most important. I was sent to Pizza Hut one evening to pick up dinner for my family. When I got there our order was not ready so I took a seat to wait. A few minutes later the most beautiful creature I had ever seen came through the door dressed in a softball uniform. She was telling her boss the game had run late and that she would run right home, change and return for her shift as fast as possable. She turned and ran back out the door. I thought to myself, i had seen an angel. My order came up and I headed home with my families dinner.
At this time in my life I was working as an armed guard and body guard. One of my best friends at the time was Jimbo, we talked all the time about our lives but I did not hang out with the gang, because I was a Dog and found I could pick up girls better solo than with a group of 5 to 10 guys. Jimbo always talked about his girl friend Wendy. Several weeks later I was bored and called Jimbo and asked what the gang was doing for fun, he said they were meeting at Pizza Hut to eat then they would see where the evening went from there. I got dressed in my black pants, black silk shirt and my black cowboy hat and headed out to meet them. I walked into Pizza Hut, joined the guys. Our waitress came to take our order and there she was, the most beautiful woman i had ever seen, Jimbo introduced me to Wendy, his Wendy. I thought what a lucky man he was to be dating her. We ate and drank and i went back to my life as a dog. Over the next couple of months I would hang out with the gang once in a while and when i was not with them i would ask Jimbo what he'd been up to, he would tell me he was out with Wendy, failing to tell me they were with the rest of the gang. Time past, one night i showed up early to a party that was supposed to be a wedding reception for a friends brother, 'cept he had left the bride at the alter after finding out the bride to be was pregnant with another mans baby. There were not many folks there so they sent me to Pizza Hut to recruit folks to come to the party. I was out back smoking a joint with a couple of waitresses when Wendy drove up, dressed to the nines, looking more beautiful than I had ever seen her. I asked her if she wanted to go to the party, she said yes if I would follow her home so she could change clothes and then give her a ride to the party on my motorcycle. I agreed and off we went. She asked me to wait outside while she changed. Wendy came out and we rode to the party. I knew Jimbo was working as soon as we got to the party, I called him and told him to come over when he got off. I did not know if Wendy knew anybody at the party so I stayed close to her until Jimbo arrived. When he arrived a few of us piled into his car and went for a cruise to party. We returned to the house, I went to my bike and was putting on my helmet, thinking Jimbo would be taking Wendy home. She got out of his car and headed my way, I thought maybe they had a fight or something. She asked me to give her a ride home, I said sure and handed her a helmet. When we got to the corner I asked, where to, and that is when she said three magical words " To the beach". I figured she might need to talk about the fight with Jimbo, so off we went. We got to the beach and sat in two beach chairs and talked about our lives and families, around three am Wendy said she was cold so I invited her to sit with me so I could keep her warm. We continued to talk til the sun came up. I remained a gentleman all through the night. We rode to her house and I walked her to the door. I could not resist and gave her a quick soft kiss, then floated home, knowing I had just spent time with someone very special. For the next two weeks I felt guilty having broken the guy code by kissing my friends girlfriend. I did not see or talk to Wendy during this time. wedding dresses for pregnant brides
I arrived at work to relieve Jimbo from his shift guarding a gated community. Jimbo told me he was leaving on vacation with his mother. He said Wendy really wanted to go to an Eagles concert at the Miami baseball stadium.
Well this story is getting long and my battery is getting low so I will finish it in my next post. Know you are loved.