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I grew up the majority of my life never standing up for myself, I was bullied and honestly sometimes I was the bully. I will be the first to admit that I have made mistakes in my life by hurting people and I've learned from them, apologized and moved on. This man in these photos has NEVER said he was sorry for what he has done. NOT EVER. A little over a year ago my now husband met Stafford Jenkins on a treasure hunting page and instantly was under his wing. I will not mention the names of the other men he involved in his pipe dream because quite frankly I have more respect than that. We met Stafford right as we started planning our wedding. My husband has always had a dream to be an actor, to make it, and trust me he is extremely talented... Along with all the other people involved in Stafford's project. I have never seen Bob light up the way he did when the ball got rolling. First it was signing " legal documents " to keep the details of the project quiet, then came the research. Oh sweet Jesus the research. I watched my now husband go on no sleep to provide this man with information on Peter Easton that he spent HOURS digging up. Long distant phone calls, sleeping on the couch, not helping me plan our wedding and even sometimes devoting every ounce of himself to this man and to this project along with the others involved. I didn't mind because this was his dream and damn it Bob deserved it...until one night, the night I made the decision on what dress I would wear to walk down the aisle and the lap top wasn't free, and Bob was again, working himself senseless for you. I messaged you ... remember that ? I said PLEASE get him off lap top so I can purchase my dream dress. You laughed and said Ok Jenn. Fast forward. Filming... loving life , amazing friends and then the film was brought up. YES. Let's do it.

To make a lonnnngggg story as short as I can we all came together for YOU. We filmed for you. gave up money and time and faith for YOU. Let's fast forward again ... Film is complete that our DAUGHTER and myself acted in FOR YOU ..Holy crap my husband knocked my socks off with his talent, seeing him " on set " was amazing and beautiful.. YESSSSSSS....This is what he is meant to do and holy shit he does it so well. EVERYONE did amazing. The mains and the background. We were all on top of the world. NTV, The Telegram and many more....and then the premiere. Let's all get dressed up and walk a red carpet. Have our picture taken and feel like all of the hard work payed off, pretty amazing right ? Ya NO. Blindsided that night. That night you stood in front of 400 people. 400 friends, family, co workers and fans to be told the By's had a tv contract that was APPROVED. Anyone that was there wanna say that didn't happen ? Didn't think so .... Amazing. On top of the world. This was June 23rd. Crunch time, Getting married in less than a month. Stafford had months before offered from his then wife to shoot our special day because, well he's done it for a living in the past. YESSSS. He showed up bright and early from beginning to end. THE MOST INTIMIDATE DAY OF MY LIFE WAS FILMED BY THIS CON ARTIST..Let me make this shorter if possible. Stafford lied about the contract. There was never one, he lied about everything and for those who believe anything he says about the situation, that is fine, please do not apologize when you find out he is scamming you too. For anyone who is offended by this post, that is your opinion and you can feel free to keep scrolling or send it to him... up to you... He had hurt numerous people over this past year. He had scammed women into bed, he had destroyed a production that could of been amazing , he used people, took money from great people and businesses and has NEVER said he was sorry. That wedding video ??? He didn't provide it. We don't know where it is, if he has it, bottom line we don't have it and he has ignored us for months when we asked for it. I put it behind me until recently, to the point where someone asked me " Did you get your video yet ? " I responded with " what video ?" Then the reality came back again .. then he was seen out in public and made a disgusting profile pic about being made famous. I have NOTHING to say about his current girlfriend, she is someone I hardly know, what she does is her business, I can only feel sad for the future and I will leave it at that. This goes wayyy beyond hurting my husband and using people who don't deserve it. You have something that is mine and it makes me sick to my stomach that you to this day STAFFORD choose to use your sick ways to rub it our faces. DO NOT TRUST A WORD FROM HIS MOUTH. HE WILL TAKE FROM YOU. He has zero conscience. You Stafford Jenkins will never be a pirate, the men who stood behind you are the real pirates. You can walk the plank!!! wedding dresses for short women

Take these men off your social media. Your sick dream is over